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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
The past few weeks have gotten me into writing a couple of new songs that in a way sounds crappy since i don't have any means to record at home right now other than via my mobile phone which doesn't save in any standard sound format like .wav or .mp3 so anyways here's the lyrics of those new stuff.

What goes on in the mind of a dying Ian

Loving you is like living a Joy Division song
'Love will tear us apart' that's what Ian said
Before he hanged himself
All our hopes and dreams
Are now laid to waste
In this soilent green grass
Where I stand
And I wish that
I could have said
Those things that you
Wanted to hear from me
Like saying "I love you"
Kiss you "goodnight"
I'll hold you tight
Through the blackest night
Before our love turned sour

Holden Caufield's Letter of Apology

Winds of change
Tides & tempest
Brewing storms
And awsome calmness
Figures of speech
Of meanings in semantics
Definition of terms
A charade of alibis
I know that I am wrong
And you don't want to see me
I am selfish
I'm just an ordinary guy

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