Q & A
Friday, February 03, 2006
Q. What is it?

A. It is a response. A step towards maturity and a proper closure so as to end a chapter in your life which you have outgrown but have willfully clinged on to.

Q. Is it human?

A. To some extent yes. But on the other hand no. It is in a way more than that. Since it is a collaboration of the mind, six strings and a yearning voice that wishes to pour out its heart in the form of something that would pass as music.

Q. Where does it come from?

A. From somewhere. I guess. It comes from a place that lies on the inner parts that stores up stock knowledge that seems useless and then reorganizes it into twisted lullabies.

Q. Is there any politics involved?

A. By all means no. Politics is just a bander that so-called statesmen are acquainted to. DeathToPuberty is no statesman, nor does it subscribe to traditional politics. But it does stand for certain causes and ideals. To which a lengthly discussion could be given on another venue of discussion.

Q. Are you tired?

A. Most definitely.

Q. Can we listen to the music?

A. Be my guest.

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